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The Burning Desert, also known as the Burning Deserts or the Great Deserts, is one of the lands of Avalon in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. It is a dry and dusty place full of magical mirages, composed of vast deserts at the western fringe of the Kingdom of Avalon.

According to the collectible card map, the Wizard's Pass, featured in the episode "Badlands", leads into the the Great Plains beyond the Eagle Eye Mountains. Other locations shown on the map are the Cactus Valley, and the Rock Desert close to the Jungle. A Travel Trees ring of magic palm trees in a Desert oasis appears in the episode "Travel Trees Can't Dance".

The Burning Desert and its Crown Jewel, the Desert Star Jewel, are prominently featured in the episode "The Faery Princess" where a portal to the Rainbow Bridge to Faeryland opens there. There are also other secret doorways into other lands of outside of Avalon.

Wizard's Pass Edit

Wizard's Pass

Wizard's Pass is the canyon on the road that leads from the Great Plains' Badlands through the Burning Desert to Castle Greenwood in the Great Forests. It is a dangerous place where the Outlaws often set up ambushes on the travelling caravans.

The script of the episode "Badlands" describes the territory as "like a western movie setting, aka Arizona / New Mexico."

Legacy Edit

In Avalon: Web of Magic, there are places called Fire Desert and Wizards Crossing in the world of Aldenmor.

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