"Make a Friend for Life"

Cleo is a recurring minor character in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. She is a young unicorn that is one of Tamara's baby animals. She has relatively prominent roles in some episodes, in particular "Vale of the Unicorns" and "Mystery Island".

Cleo cannot wait to join the Jewel Riders. She admires Princess Gwenevere and hangs on Gwen's every word. In addition to singing back-up to Tamara's vocals, the delicate and soft-spoken Cleo likes to help Tamara in her duties - as long as it does not involve getting dirty.

Behind the scenes Edit

Show Bible description: "Teal Unicorn, regal and spoiled; thinks Gwen is a genius and hangs on her every word." Elsewhere, it describes as "aqua/green". [1] Her color has been changed more than once during the pre-production: in Enchanted Camelot toy designs, a proto-Cleo was shown as an either white-ish or pink horse with blonde hair.[2]

There is also a unicorn named Clio in Avalon: Web of Magic.

References Edit

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