The Crystal Cliffs is one of the lands of Avalon in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. The land is bound by the Crown Jewel of Burning Ice. It was originally to be called the Icy Tundra.[1]

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The mysterious and ancient Crystal Cliffs are full of secrets that have been froze from thousands of years. Hidden ice caves hold incredible treasures that were stashed away by the great wizards that once lived there. Locations include the town of Snowburg and the Walrus Grotto at the sea coast.

It is mostly featured in the first season episode "Wizard's Peak", in which a big wild magic outbreak turns the Crystal Cliffs into an ever-changing maze of crystallized mountains.

Wizard's Peak Edit

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Wizard's Peak is a giant ice mountain that stands out from the others lies in the Crystal Cliffs. It is featured in "Wizard's Peak" and briefly in "Morgana" (where the Wizard's Peak seems to be still transformed by the wild magic). It is an ancient place of great magic, rumored to be a a haunt of dangerous creatures. The mountain is where the Hall of Wizards is located. A map leading there shows the Snowy Peaks, the Spirit Trail, and the Tunnel of Illusion.

Behind the scenes Edit

In the Avalon: Web of Magic, there are Crystal Peaks in the world of Aldenmor. The name of the Spirit Trail also makes an appearance in Avalon relation to the Spirit Pack

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