The Enchanted Gardens is a location in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. The Gardens stand in New Camelot behind the Crystal Palace. From there, the Enchanted Jewels are assigned to the young people and animals in the glorious Circle of Friendship ceremonies in the Friendship Ring.

The Gardens Edit

The Enchanted Gardens house a special ring of Travel Trees used to transport Jewel Riders across the wild magic to other parts of the kingdom. New Camelot's Craft Fairs grounds are also there.

The location is featured in several episodes including "Jewel Quest, Part I" and "Part II", "Travel Trees Can't Dance", "The Faery Princess", "Dreamfields", and "Fashion Fever". It can be also briefly seen in "Full Circle", transformed into more Thornwoods.

Friendship Ring Edit

The Friendship Ring is a place within the Enchanted Garden where the Circle of Friendship ceremony is performed. This is when a person and a magical animal bond with their Enchanted Jewels and each other. The Friendship Ring is also used for celebrations and glamorous royal parties. It is featured in the episodes "Jewel Quest, Part I", "Jewel Quest, Part II", "Dreamfields", and "Full Circle".

Circle of Friendship Edit

Friendship Ring

The Sun Stone ceremony for Princess Gwenevere in "Jewel Quest, Part II"

For many generations, young people and animals have felt the wonder and joy of receiving an Enchanted Jewel in a revered ceremony. Those between the ages of 12 to 18 can qualify: the boys normally always bond with great wolves and join the Pack, Knight Protectors of the Crystal Palace, while the girls bond with uniquely different magnificent creatures to become the Jewel Riders.

Merlin decides which lucky teenager is ready to bond with an animal. The decision is made by matching the properties of the Enchanted Jewel with the particular attributes of the child. The animal and child that resonate the strongest light and sound from the Enchanted Jewel is the chosen pair.

Those attending the ceremony in the Friendship Ring, sing the song of friendship and the Jewel magically separates into two halves. One half is worn by the youngster, the other half is worn by the animal. The Jewels resonate with a warm light that reflects the shared feelings of the pair, allowing them to communicate telepathically.

The teenager becomes responsible for the care and grooming of the animal and the animal provides strength, loyalty and constant emotional support for its human friend, becoming their inner conscience and "guardian angel". Their loyalty to one another becomes strong and pure, their friendship so close they can feel what each other is thinking without even talking.

The Circle is invoked by saying: "With all the power of the generations that have come before, and all the generations that will follow, the circle will turn. With the strength of friendship, we call upon the magic of Avalon. Long shall it be used for goodness.”

Behind the scenes Edit

During the production, the Enchanted Gardens were also known as the Rainbow Gardens.

In Avalon: Web of Magic, there is The Garden. The Friendship Ring is loosely similar to the Fairy Ring in Avalon - they are both magical amphitheaters, but the Fairy Ring also doubles as a transportation hub thanks to the magic mirror it contains.

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