Cosplay Princesse Starla et les Joyaux magiques

Cosplay Princesse Starla et les Joyaux magiques

A French cosplay parody video of the Jewel Riders crashing the wedding of Lady Kale and Morgana 

Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders (PGJR) has kept a small Internet fandom presence for over 20 years, in particular in its native USA and in France (where the show was most successful), and to a significant degree also in Russia.

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Gwen KB

Princess Gwenevere's final design autographed for the JRA by Gwen's 1st season actress Kerry Butler

The Jewel Riders Archive (JRA) is the main Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders website hosted together by two long-time friends and fans of the show, the fan-fiction writer Ry Sabir (Chris Kanther) and his friend Ronnie Delmar, who were inspired by Stormy's 1990s fan site Avalon. It is is a not-for-profit fan site that went live on September 10, 2015 (the 20th anniversary of the original air date of the show's first episode). As of 2019, it is still being updated with new content on now bi-monthly basis.

Princess Gwenevere and The Jewel Riders - The Jewel Riders Archive

Princess Gwenevere and The Jewel Riders - The Jewel Riders Archive

The JRA's stated mission is to collect, archive, preserve, and share materials related to the show in addition to fan works with the public. Its contents include memorablia, videos, and fan works. Much of this wiki was in fact written based on the exclusive pre-production and production materials that have been obtained and shared by the this website. In addition to its on website-blog, the JRA is also widely present on various social media outlets (including often-updated Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram accounts).

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Morning Glory's "Ninja Kale"

  • Avalon (named after Avalon from the show) was the main Jewel Riders website of the 1990s, but now is long defunct. It used to be run by Stormy, who has been the most active fan at the time and also went by Stormdance for her fan fiction, and later as cupcakedoll at DA. The website's other featured fan writers and artists included Natalie also known as Morning Glory, later active at DA as princess-serenade.
  • Fallon Home - Kulia Makani (also known as Tamar or TK), a fan of Fallon, Tamara and Lady Kale (as well as Adriane from Avalon: Web of Magic), used to run the websites called Fallon Home and Fallon Home 2.0 as well as another called Avalon Times. She also wrote several fan-fiction stories, some of which are posted at either her account or her websites.
  • FallonMoon's Jewel Riders Fan Page was a website by a fan of Melissa Chu, a Fallon also known as FallonMoon.
  • Freak of Starla was a fansite of Donna, a Serbian fan of Princess Gwenevere/Starla who also also used to be active at DA.
  • Jewel Riders was another now-defunct fansite, this one was run by Tamara's fan known as Tamara Shadowsong.

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