The Forest Stones are a set of magic items in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. Every young knight in the Pack shares one with their wolf friend, giving them the strength of the mighty trees to work as a team. The Forest Stones are currently used by Drake and his subordinates Josh and Max, as well as their respective wolves, with a special one still in possession of King Jared.

The Power of the Forest Stone

"The Power of the Forest Stone" card featuring Drake in his jewel armor

The Forest Stones are the Enchanted Jewels that are all green colored and shaped like an arrow head (pointing up like a tree), split down the width into identical halves. They use the power of the Great Forests and emit bright green beams of light when activated.

Their jewels allow the young men of the Wolf Pack to share the senses of the wolves, allowing them to feel what the wolves feel; this increases their tracking and fighting skills. They also allow the Pack to use the trees of the forests to increase their strength and ability to communicate. Their other powers include enabling their users to share the senses of the wolves to heighten perceptions and increase strength, create a sense of teamwork within the Pack like trees in a forest, improving communication and coordination, communicate with the trees about past events and history, and control forest growth and make the trees come to life.


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