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The Great Plains is one of the lands of Avalon. Green grasslands, fields of grain and gentle rolling hills make up the Great Plains.

With wild flowers blossoming everywhere, the Great Plains are a wonderful place to hold Craft Fair parties. Wagon trains and caravans travel through the Great Plains on their way to craft fairs. The Plains include rocky hills known as the Badlands, asc well as there are also green plains in the north near the border with the Great Forests. Locations include Castle Overlook and the Eagle Eye Mountains that border the Burning Desert.

The other locations are listed and described below.

Dreamfields Edit

Dreamfields is the most magical place in the Great Plains, where every wish comes true. It is for which the land's Crown Jewel, the Crown Jewel of the Dreamfields, is named.

Crystal Mall is a wonderful shopping center that Gwenevere and Kale both enter in their shared dream in the episode "Dreamfields". It is depicted as a very modern (1990s standards) mall, complete with overhead announcers, cash registers, and conveyer-belt check stands.

In Avalon: Web of Magic, the concept shows up in the book Ghost Wolf, in which Adriane navigates different dream states to reach the Spirit Trail.

Dweasel Nook Edit

Dweasel home

Dweasel Nook is a hilly region the dweasel creatures where they live in their tree houses. It is located on the northern edge of the Great Plains near the Great Forests.

Rufus and Twig return there between the events of season one and season two, until the returning Lady Kale arrives to pick up them and Grimm in "Morgana". In "The One Jewel", Tamara and Shadowsong also briefly visit the place and meet the dweasels Pepe and Gidney.

Dweasel Nook

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