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Grimm the dragon is a major villainous character in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. He is voiced by Peter Fernandez. In the Polish version of the show, his name was changed to Szatan (Satan).

Grimm is a mean and ill-tempered beast, capable of breathing fire. He is a magic animal of the antagonist Lady Kale, being is the only creature in the world that his icy and cruel mistress cares for. Kale's vehicle of choice is a "Dragon Wagon", carried by Grimm across the skies of Avalon.

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Grimm's mighty wings propel the Dragon Wagon vehicle carrying the evil witch Lady Kale (whose Jewel Armor is dragon-themed) and her pet magic animals, the dweasels Rufus and Twig, through the sky with tremendous mobility and speed. Fortunately for her good enemies the Jewel Riders, Grimm is stronger and faster, yet not nearly as intelligent as their unicorns. He is also not as agile as Princess Gwenevere's own flying unicorn Sunstar, however is capable of breathing yellow flame on command.
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Sneering and snorting, the dragon creates a dark, sinister presence in the sky. Like Archie the owl, he can talk on his own and not through a bonding jewel like the dweasels. Lady Kale and Grimm are very close to each other, and he is utterly loyal and completely devoted to her. The otherwise cold and very haughty Kale affectionately calls him her "big baby" as he calls her "Mum-mum"[1][2] (and even as Grimm smells nasty, according to Fallon, Kale tells him she likes the way he smells[3]).

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Grimm and Kale's final defeat

Between the events of the seasons one and two (between Lady Kale's downfall in "Full Circle" and before her return in "Morgana"), Rufus and Twig briefly relocate to the Dweasel Nook, taking Grimm and he lives with them during the time. Eventually, in the show's next-to-last episode "Spirit of Avalon", Gwenevere uses the combined magic of the Staff of Avalon and the Crown Jewels against Kale and Grimm to dispose of their evil once and for all, turning both the witch and the dragon into crystal statues.

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Grimm 2

During the show's pre-production, Grimm used to have a goatlike beard, and more twisted horns. The Wagon was shown to be more crude-looking in some sketches.

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Dark Sorceress Adriane

The Manticore (upper side) in Avalon

In Avalon: Web of Magic, Grimm seemed inspired the characters of both the evil monster Manticore and the good red dragon Drake (the dragon Gwyx also has a somewhat similar name).

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