The Hall of Wizards is location in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. The place is featured in the episodes "Wizard's Peak" and "Morgana". 

The Hall is a cavern hidden within a maze of ice caverns and mining tunnels inside the Wizard's Peak mountain. It is where the ancient wizards would once secretly meet and make magic. Now it is guarded by a magic genie who answers only to those old wizards.  

Hall story 2

The Hall of Wizards is a cavernous room is adorned with towering, ancient, sculptures. The floor is made of cut stones. The walls are adorned with all kinds of wizard markings, tapestries, and scrolls. The ceiling is painted with constellations from the skies. There is a table in the center with wizard markings on it. On the sides of the room are shelves full of strange wizard items, such as crystal balls and a magic mirror.

The Hall's massive library is located in a separate, hidden room that is only accessible through a swinging wall secret door.

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