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"Home Sweet Heart Stone" is the ninth episode of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. It is a character development episode for Tamara. Its international titles include Catalan "Dolça llar de la Joia del Cor" ("Sweet Home of the Heart Stone"), French "Le Pays joyeux" ("The Happy Country"), Portuguese "Querida pedra do coração" ("Dear Heart Stone"), Russian "Родной дом и сила сердечного камня" ("The Homeland and Power of the Heart Stone"), Serbo-Croat "Dome, slatki kamene" ("Home, Sweet Stone"), and Spanish "Hogar, dulce bogar, piedra de corazones". It is one of the episodes retold in the Panini sticker album.

Tamara is called by her parents to the Heartland Farm to examine a recently discovered legendary prism fox, but the evil Lady Kale wants to capture it for its magical abilities. Kale steals the prism fox and uses it to capture all the magic animals from the farm. In a musical battle between her and the Jewel Riders, who will play the last note?

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All three Jewel Riders along with the babies in the Crystal Carriage head to Heartland Farm, where Tamara's parents Doc and Charity live and work. Doc and Charity found a prism fox, a very rare magical creature that communicates by singing.

After arriving at the farm, Tamara attempts to communicate with the baby prism fox. The fox creates a Wild Magic explosion, and suddenly it speaks. The fox’s name is Kit, and she wants to go back to her mommy.


Meanwhile, Lady Kale has also heard about the appearance of a prism fox with magical powers, and wants one for herself. She arrives with Grimm and the dweasels and lands nearby in the middle of a night. Kale magically tunes a set of bagpipes and plays them in an attempt to summon the fox. This ends up working too well, as the rest of the baby animals at the farm — including Tamara's babies — follow Kit to Kale, whose music hypnotized them into thinking she is their mother and it is impossible to drive them away. When they all start weeping, even Kale can not remain insensitive ad agrees to take them all.

At dawn of the next day, the Jewel Riders wake up to discover that Kit and the baby animals are gone. At the same time, Kale also finds out that Kit and the baby animals have vanished from her Dragon Wagon.


Both groups track the animals to a gorge, where they begin a fight for control of the animals by having a magical battle of bands — the Jewel Riders with their unicorns plus Archie (with Chooga's help) make a rock band, whilst Kale with her dweasels and Grimm are turned into a heavy metal band. Kale moves in to recapture Kit, but the distressed prismfox responds by creating a wild vortex portal that pulls the witch into the Wild Magic before sealing.

Now that the battle is over, the Jewel Riders form an Enchanted Circle to help Kit reunite with her parents. Kit's parents show up, thank the Jewel Riders for helping Kit, and give Tamara the ability to summon Kit when needed. After the foxes leave, Tamara leads all the animals home by playing a tune on her flute.

Nearby, Grimm despairs for the loss of his mistress. But it turns out Kale survived and managed to get out of the Wild Magic as she contacts her minions to retrieve her from being trapped inside a hollow tree.

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Main article: Home Sweet Heart Stone (script)

Inspirations and homages cited in the script include Elton John, Dizzy Gillespie, and Amadeus. Lady Kale ending up (briefly) trapped in an empty tree might be a nod to how Merlin was imprisoned by the Lady of the Lake in some versions of the Arthurian legend.

Avalon: Web of Magic connections Edit

  • This episode is Spellsinger meets Legend of the LAOA. The former introduces magical music and has a band battle, and the latter's plot is basically everything that happens to Kit.
  • The book Song of the Unicorns has the mages too hang out with lots of young magical animals and sing songs.
  • Kit has an analogue in Avalon: Lyric the crystal cat. They are both legendary singing creatures that can turn into crystal.
  • Bubbleberries are a popular elf food in Avalon.
  • Like Tamara, Emily lives with a veterinarian (a combination of Tamara's parents) and cares for a lot of animals. They also both play flute, though Emily plays a concert flute while Tamara plays a recorder-like instrument.
  • Like the Jewel Riders, the mages in Avalon all have musical talent. The only difference is the amount of talent they have: Adrianne and Emily can actually play their instruments, while Kara's talent is marginal at best.
  • The talk about the Wild Magic being unstable is similar to the Magic Web being out of alignment in Avalon.

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