Jewel Armor is a concept in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. It is a magical armor that the Jewel Riders can create with their Enchanted Jewels to protect them from wild magic and other hazards.

Drake jewel armor

Drake's Forest Stone Jewel Armor transformation in "Fashion Fever"

The armor appears when it is powers up and disappears when it is powered down. Each girl transforms herself and her unicorn by raising her Enchanted Jewel after their magical invocation (for example, "By the magic of the Sun Stone!" for Gwenevere and Sunstar). All three members of the Pack also wear jewel armor, and the evil Lady Kale has one with her Dark Stone too.

Level One magic (first season) Edit

Each of the three Jewel Riders has their own set in their favorite colors:

  • Princess Gwenevere uses the Sun Stone to wear a unique winged helmet signifying her bonding with Sunstar, the winged unicorn.
  • Tamara's Heart Stone magical armor represents her love of nature. The helmet symbolizes a butterfly to signify her respect for nature's eternal innocence and ever changing beauty. It is the only jewel armor shown without a cape.
  • Fallon uses the Moon Stone and a special coordinated armor that sets off her compact, sleek physique.

All three members of the Pack wear very (but not identical) similar Forest Stones Jewel Armor with their helmets shaped like a wolf's head.

Level Two magic (second season) Edit

Jewel armor wings-0
Jewel Armor 2

In the second season, now that all of the magic of Avalon is being channeled through their Enchanted Jewels, the Jewel Riders gain far more athletic capabilities with their new armor activated. Notably, jewel glider wings can form from the back of their armor and spread out like a hang-glider cape, allowing them to glide around within the Wild Magic (and in case of Fallon's batlike wings, also to fly while in Avalon). Their armor sets also look different and the girls also have different hairstyles when wearing armor.

Other armor Edit

Behind the scenes Edit

Jewel Riders designer Greg Autore said: "I loved the idea that the jewels had the power of light that would have solid form. It is very similar to how the Green Lantern's ring can manifest what they think they need to stop evil aliens."[1]

References Edit

  1. Greg Autore and the Toy Design of Jewel Riders - Part Four | The Jewel Riders Archive
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