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The Jewel Box is a special item in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. There are actually two of them, one for the Crown Jewels in both seasons and another one for the Wizard Jewels in the second season.  

It is where the seven Crown Jewels of great wild magic had been placed together in by the good wizard Merlin, connected by a magical matrix, until it was stolen and opened by the evil sorceress Lady Kale. The box is vital for the Jewel Quest and can be accessed only using Merlin's Key. A new Jewel Box for the Wizard Jewels is introduced at the series' very finale.  

Crown Jewels box Edit

Book Kale

Merlin himself used to be magically bound to the Jewel Box by his magic key. When he gave up it, Merlin broke his ties to the physical world and now cannot return to the world and entered the Crown Jewels' matrix, which was then broken by the evil Lady Kale when she tried to seize the jewels. Magic all over Avalon will be unstable until all the stones are found by the Jewel Riders in their Jewel Quest and replaced in the Box by Princess Gwenevere. Until the balance is restored, the jewels belong to their lands and are causing wild magic outbreaks.

The Jewel Riders hope that if all seven stones are found and replaced in the Jewel Box, Merlin might be transported out of the wild magic, fully restored, and brought back home. Through most of the series, it is appearing to the Jewel Riders on their missions to retrieve the Crown Jewels only when Gwenevere uses the the Merlin's Key. The more lost Jewels that are found and brought to the Jewel Keep in the Crystal Palace, the more Avalon can resonate with the power of good.

Jewel Box magic

The Crown Jewels magic in "Full Circle"

At the end of the first season, Lady Kale manages to seize the Box with all the Crown Jewels using her anti-magic, but she cannot open it and access the Crown Jewels without summoning Merlin. After Kale is destroyed and Avalon is saved, the Box is stored at the Jewel Keep.

Wizard Jewels box Edit

Wizard Jewel Box

A new Jewel Box is introduced only during the second season's finale, already containing six Wizard Jewels. The box is given to Princess Gwenevere by Queen Anya and King Jared to get it to the Heart of Avalon to set Merlin free and defeat the evil.

Morgana Jewel Box

In Morgana's hands in "The One Jewel"

Gwen does succeeds in vanquishing Kale using the Wizard Jewels in the box and Staff of Avalon, but then the witch Morgana steals the box away. This leads to the events of "The One Jewel" in which the Jewel Riders need to win each of the Wizard Jewels again from Morgana so Merlin can use the jewels' power against her through the titular One Jewel.

Behind the scenes Edit

Early Jewel Box

The Jewel Box used to look different during the series' pre-production (as seen on the left). The draft script for "Lady of the Lake" described the second one as a golden case, but in the show it is a square-shaped emerald box with a glass dome cover.


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