The Jungle is one of the main lands of Avalon in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders and the origin of the Jewel of the Jungle. It is mostly impassable, hot and humid and overgrown with vines. Beautiful tropical rainforests in the Jungle are home to many great magical beasts and animals.

Jungle 2

The are many hidden lands in the Jungle that have never been explored by the people of Avalon. One spot has has a secret porthole to Morgana's lair (in "Revenge of the Dark Stone"). On the coast of the jungle is the Mermaid Beach, shared with the Riverdells and apparently located near the Magic Lagoon in the sea. On the other side, the Jungle borders the Badlands of the Great Plains.

Jungle map

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Ronan's lair Edit

The Jungle is most prominently featured in the episode "Mystery Island", where the Jewel Riders and Lady Kale explore the area that once served as a lair of an ancient wizard Ronan who used the Time Stone. There are many traps and wild magic portals, some mysterious ancient buildings, an old clock tower with a very deep and partially flooded cavern underneath (identified as the Tower of Ronan in the collectible cards), and the titular tiny Mystery Island (later revisited in "The One Jewel") in the nearby vast lake (identified as the Snake Lake in the map).

In Avalon: Web of Magic, there is the Twilight Jungle and the nearby Snake River in Aldenmor.

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