Misty shore

The Isle of Myst as seen from the mainland in "Lady of the Lake"

The Misty Moors is one of the lands of Avalon in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. The Moors are bound by the purple Misty Rose Jewel and lie under swirling veils of wild magic.

The Misty Moors are filled with hidden vistas, swamps, bogs and other magical places that are not safe to wander into without magical powers. Many unusual creatures live in these parts.

Misty Moors map

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Its locations include the town of Merryland, the Castle Stormwatch, and the Fairy Forest. The towns of Paradise and Fort Avon are located at the border with the Riverdells, and the village of Northford borders the Great Forests.

The Far Road leads to the land of Crystal Cliffs, and the Great Bay Road goes to Fort Avon and the Avon Bay which the Moors share with the shores of the Riverdells. Also located at the coast of the Moors are the Bay of Storms and the Pirates Cove. The mysterious Isle of Myst lies to east.

The other locations are listed and described below.

Locations Edit

Bordermists Edit


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The Cobblestone Road and the Reedy River Edit

The Cobblestone Road and the Reedy River are two nearby locations within the Misty Moors, featured in the episode "For Whom the Bell Trolls".

Dragon Beach Edit

Dragon Beach

Dragon Beach is a location featured in the episode "Travel Trees Can't Dance". There is "a dangerous looking rock arch jetting up over the water" standing near the beach, with a series of arches laid out like a slalom or flying obstacle course; a Travel Tree ring is also nearby.

Castle Cloud Mountain Edit

Cloud Mountain

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Castle Rivermist Edit

Castle Rivermist is "an elegant, gothic-styled, old-English castle" belonging to Lord Delphonse and his brother Murray. It is featured in "For Whom the Bell Trolls", where it has been changed into the House of Troll by the Crown Jewel's magic out of control.

Legacy Edit

In Avalon: Web of Magic, there are the Misty Marshes and the Pirates Cove in the world of Aldenmor. The Serpent’s Teeth were also inspired by the Dragon Beach rocks.

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