The Power of the Moon Stone

"The Power of the Moon Stone" card

The Moon Stone is one of the key magic items in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. It is an Enchanted Jewel is the Stone of Illusion that uses the power of the Moon.

The Moon Stone looks like a silvery-white crescent moon. As the story begins, it is currently split into two identical halves that bonds the Jewel Riders' designated scout and warrior, Fallon, with her magic animal special friend, the unicorn princess named Moondance.


"May the Moon Stone always keep our path in sight!"

Powers Edit

Fallon invocation

"By the magic of the Moon Stone!"

The Moon Stone's magic has a principal special ability to create illusions and allow invisibility (limits of how many people can be rendered invisible to onlookers is determined by use of skill learned from Merlin). It can also reveal things that are hidden, help find user's way when lost, penetrate traps and hidden doors, and uncover hidden clues. Its other abilities include magically adding to Moondance's already naturally perfect racing and leaping abilities.

It is most powerful at night under the bright moon and emits rays of sparkling diamond moondust when activated. The Moon Stone and the Sun Stone of Princess Gwenevere work best together at the "magic hour," at dawn and dusk, when the powers of the stones are balanced.

(More information in the "Jewel power" section of Fallon's article.)

Some of the special uses include:

  • Fallon casting invisibility on herself in "Travel Trees Can't Dance": "Moonless sky, so dark has grown, make me disappear, Moon Stone!"
  • The Moon Stone can also create smoke screens ("Wizard's Peak").
  • Fallon creating an illusion in "Badlands": "Jewel of illusion, hear my call: where once there was nothing, build me a wall!"
  • In the second season, the Moon Stone is used to store images from the Wild Magic map in the Jewel Keep.
  • Fallon to detect magic in "The Wizard of Gardenia": "Let the Moon Stone be our guide to powerful magic far and wide!"
  • Fallon to dispel magic in "The Wizard of Gardenia": "Moon Stone, with your magic bright, help us see into this light!"
  • Fallon to find a path in "The Wizard of Gardenia": "Moon Stone, knower of ways, unravel the secret of this maze!"

Behind the scenes Edit

Moondance was considered to receive an ability to shoot bolts of lightning from her Moon Stone in the third cartoon season.

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