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Eighth Land Edit

Eight Land

The Eighth Land is a hidden land of very strange magic featured in the second season's "The Wishing Jewel", where it is discovered by Princess Gwenevere and Drake when they go beyond the Border Mists in the Misty Moors. After the Crown Jewel-like titular Wishing Jewel is found and secured, Gwenevere joins the Eighth Land to Avalon.

Other versions Edit

Prehistoric Avalon Edit

Prehistoric Avalon

The prehistoric Avalon, or the Jurassic world, is the Avalon of a long-time past - a "Jurassic era land filled with dinos and steaming pools of lava", accessible through the Time Stone portal. Its dangerous Dinosaur Valley is briefly visited by the Jewel Riders in the episodes "Mystery Island" (in which also Lady Kale gets sent and trapped there), and again in "The One Jewel".

Dark Avalon Edit

If Avalon falls under the rule of Kale, it will be transformed into a dark and cold place full of evil magic. A prophecy in "The Fortune Jewel" also shows like it would in case of Morgana's reign, with Princess Gwenevere turned into a servant girl in the dark Crystal Palace.

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