Queen Anya is a major character in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, voiced by Corinne Orr in English, and by Ela Nitzsche in German (Königin Anya) and Laurence Crouzet in French (Reine Anya). Anya is mother of the show's protagonist Princess Gwenevere, as well as sister to the antagonist Lady Kale. She later inspired the character of Lucinda in Avalon: Web of Magic.

Good Gueen

Queen Anya is the beautiful, dignified and noble ruler of Avalon, married to King Jared. She is also the former wielder of the Sun Stone, who had adventures of her own before passing it over to her daughter Gwenevere. During her time as a young Jewel Rider, Anya used to ride with her tigress named Wintermane that remains very close to her to this day.


The good wizard Merlin once selected her to become the next Queen instead of her evil twin sister Kale because of Anya's compassion for all good people and animals. Today, as the Queen of Avalon and the head of the Crystal Palace, she strives to keep peace and harmony in the kingdom.

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Anya's magic dress birthday gift from the Jewel Riders in "Fashion Fever"

Anya sketch

Queen Anya, is the woman every girl wants to grow up to be—pretty, daring, self-confident and capable. Anya and her magnificent striped tigress Wintermane have been best friends since their youth, bonded by the special Enchanted Jewel known as the Sun Stone as Jewel Riders in the Friendship Ring after the wizard Merlin recognised her qualities and taught her magic. Together they forged a bond that gave the young Anya the strength, wisdom, and maturity to become the Queen of the Kingdom of Avalon. Today they are still best friends, although they no longer possess the Sun Stone has been passed on to her daughter, Princess Gwenevere. Gwen now works with Fallon and Tamara, who have been previously serving Anya after being personally selected by her to become Jewel Riders.

Queen Anya Faery Princess

Anya with Princess Gwenevere and Princess Wisp "The Faery Princess"

Anya is a stately, regal woman with a very strong and somewhat impulsive personality, but is extremely caring and loving, especially when it comes to the animals, her family, and the Crystal Palace. She pulls no punches and manages, as any executive would, the huge establishment of the Crystal Palace. Her Majesty and her loving husband, King Jared, enjoy the absolute respect and loyalty from the many cities, towns and villages. Anya spends what spare time she has in the library studying ancient lore and old legends in an effort to learn where Enchanted Jewels might be buried. She also owns a large collection of magical maps stored in the Jewel Keep, into which only she knows the entrance codes. Her personal friends include Lady Robbins of Castle Greenwood.


Kale in Anya's queen dress in a nightmare dream in "Dreamfields"

Anya Jared

Anya with King Jared in "Fashion Fever"

As a teenager, the pure and loving Princess Anya was chosen by Merlin to receive the Sun Stone instead of her raven-haired twin, Princess Kale, very magically-gifted but selfish and cruel. When the jealous Kale attempted to take the throne away from Anya anyway, she was banished from New Camelot. But after Kale acquires the Dark Stone and uses it against Merlin in her ruthless bid to rule Avalon, even Jared and Anya can offer little words of advice to their daughter in the Jewel Quest because they have never used the Enchanted Jewels to battle such an evil power. It is up to the young Princess and her friends to nevertheless succeed against the odds and defeat Kale, rescue Merlin, and save the kingdom. In the second season, Anya has a more active role as she takes over from Merlin (now practically entirely absent) as the girls’ new mentor against in their fight against Kale and Morgana until the series' finale.

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Early Wintermane

Queen Anya was voiced by Corinne Orr just like Kale. She has been originally named Queen Angelene,[1] the name which she actually has retained in the Catalan-language version of the show (Reina Angelene).[2] Another of her work-in progress names was Queen Adrianna.[3][4] Wintermane was at first an all-white tiger, was and more rough/fierce-looking in early sketches (as can be seen comparing the picture to the left with the one above). Anya and Jared were also supposed to have a younger daughter named Tara.

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Queen Anya inspired the character of the Fairy Queen Lucinda, the ancestor of the protagonist of Kara Davies and twin sister of the antagonist Dark Sorceress in Avalon: Web of Magic.

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