The royal family are the ruling monarchy of the Kingdom of Avalon, the setting of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. They include the Queen, the King, and their princess daughter (the show's prime protagonist), as well as the Queen's evil sister who is (one of the two antagonists, along with Morgana in the second season).

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Royal family

Queen Anya & King Jared

Anya Edit

Queen Anya is he reigning Queen of Avalon and Head of the Crystal Palace, and a former wielder of the Sun Stone.

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King Jared is Anya's husband and the reigning King of Avalon and Commander in Chief (and ex-member) of the Pack.

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Royal family 2

Princess Gwenevere & Princess Kale

Gwenevere Edit

Princess Gwenevere (also known as just Gwen, or as Starla in some versions of the show) the daughter of Anya and Jared who leads the Jewel Riders as the current owner of the Sun Stone. She is the next-in-line to the throne along with whomever she would marry.

Kale Edit

Lady Kale (or Princess Kale) is an evil twin sister of Anya who uses the magic of her Dark Stone in her attempt to become the Queen of Avalon for all time. Gwen and her Jewel Riders friends are sent by Merlin to stop her.

Tara Edit

One of the characters cut from the early versions of the show was Gwen's little sister, Princess Tara. She was supposed to be Guinevere's (Gwenevere's) younger sister, and the fifth member of the royal family. Tara makes minor appearances in "Jewel Quest" script ("Enchanted Quest"), in what would later become "Jewel Quest, Part I" and "Part II". It is possible her name evolved into Tamara's (who has been originally named Melody / Harmony).

"Age: 9. She loves the performing arts especially dancing and singing. She also loves craft fairs and babysitting for Melody's (Tamara's) baby animals. Somehow though, whenever Tara and the babies get together, trouble follows. One day Tara will have her own Enchanted Jewel, then look out world!"[1]

Designer Greg Autore said about the plans for the third toy line and cartoon season: "Gwen's little sister would have been a low priced figure in the 3rd wave. I wanted to add her so the show would have someone of the same age that was watching the show to be a better link."[2]

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