Rufus and Twigg are a duo of major characters in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. They are voiced by John Beach and Henry Mandell, respectively.

Rufus and Twig are pet animal stooges of the series' villain Lady Kale. They are a duo of wily and bumbling dweasels (dragon-weasels) bonded to her with the Dark Stone. With their ability for sniffing out wild magic bits, the two keep Kale informed of the news about magic jewels and on the Jewel Riders' actions and whereabouts.

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Rufus card
Magical Mischief

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Rufus (purple) and Twig (green) are a pair of mischievous, clumsy and fearful creatures that are always up to something. They and the evil Lady Kale can understand each other and they communicate with her telepathically with the power of her Dark Stone, after they have located it in a wild magic portal in the woods and its power magically bonded them with the sorceress.

  • Jewel Quest, Part I
  • Song of the Rainbow
  • Song of the Rainbow
  • Song of the Rainbow
  • Travel Trees Can't Dance
  • Home Sweet Heart Stone
  • Home Sweet Heart Stone
  • Dreamfields
  • Full Circle
  • The Wizard of Gardenia
  • Spirit of Avalon

They are often seen alone on their own, spying on the Jewel Riders or searching for magical items. When they are travelling with Kale, tracking the magic with their noses, the dweasels are usually perched on the side wings of her Dragon Wagon but they can also be inside the cabin at times. Quite often they get dressed in various costumes, including even cross-dressing more than once.

Kale's stooges

Lady Kale abusing Rufus (plus Twig with Grimm in background) in "Jewel Quest, Part I"

  • Morgana
  • Travel Trees Can't Dance
  • Mystery Island
  • Morgana
  • Mystery Island
  • Home Sweet Heart Stone

Rufus and Twig are both wise-cracking and always overreacting to the situations. Prior to their recruitment by Lady Kale, Rufus and Twig have lived in the Dweasel Nook with their better-spirited cousins Pepe and Gidney. They used to live in mortal fear of Merlin's wrath and are fiercily loyal to their mistress (called by them "Witchy Thing", "Witchy Witch", "Witchy One", or the "Great Witch"), even as she has no respect for them for being "sniveling cowards". The harsh and always short-tempered Kale even often physically abuses the two, strangling or kicking and throwing them around whenever they hesitate to obey her orders or just annoy her with their failures and antics. The dweasels themselves have a low opinion about Kale's beloved dragon Grimm, considering him "dumb", and especially despise the good animals.

Fate Edit

Kale statue

They later (between the events of the seasons one and two) temporarily relocate to the Dweasels Nook with Grimm after Kale's destruction in the episode "Full Circle" and before her return in "Morgana". Eventually, in the show's next-to-final episode, "Lady of the Lake" ("Spirit of Avalon"), they are turned into statues alongside Kale and Grimm by Princess Gwenevere, the champion of Merlin and goodness.

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Rufus and Twig's Enchanted Jewel Riders Show Bible descriptions read "Humbling Bumbler" and "We bow at such Immensity". They have been originally conceived as a pair of large fur-covered actual weasels and can be still seen as such even in some late-stage production sketches (such as the one above). Twig was dubbed by Marco Kröger in German.

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Rufus and Grimm later inspired the character of Scourge in Avalon: Web of Magic, a bumbling, not very intelligent, humming, hunched apelike creature with long arms, big round eyes, rows of pointy teeth. It is a magic tracker, but not very good, that gathers magical stones and information for the Dark Sorceress. Twig also almost shares his name with Avalon's Tweek.

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