Thunderbolt (or just Thunder) is a supporting character in Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders. An animal special friend of Drake, the leader of the Pack, Thunder serves Drake as his trusted wolf mount. His later inspired character of Stormbringer in Avalon: Web of Magic.

In the show Edit

Thunder story

Thunder leaps to protect Tamara from Kale

Thunderbolt is strong, noble, and very dedicated to his rider Drake. Like his human friend, he is always looking to ride into a great adventure and will push himself to the max for his friend to run faster and jump higher. And like Drake, Thunder too is very protective of Tamara.

Thunderbolt understands Drake better than anyone and knows the young man may someday become a great leader of the kingdom of Avalon. He often offers a kind word of encouragement and support to help Drake when things do not go right. Sharing his Forest Stone with Thunder allows Drake to use the wolf's keen senses to help them on the Pack's patrols through the Great Forests that border the capital city of New Camelot.

Behind the scenes Edit

Adriane and Stormbringer

Adriane Chardey and Stormbringer in the Avalon TV show project

Like the other wolves of the Pack, Thunder has was sometimes shown as much larger in pre-production sketches than he is in the show's aired version.

Later, Thunderbolt partially inspired the character of Stormbringer, a female great wolf in the Avalon: Web of Magic novels. Stormbringer is even actually named Thunder in the French edition.[1]

References Edit

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