The Wizard Jewels (or the Wild Magic Jewels[1]) are a set of magic items theyaserve as the "MacGuffin" of second season of Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, taking over from and replacing the hunt for the Crown Jewels from season one. Similar to them, the Wizard Jewels are the hidden treasures that the Jewel Riders need to find and collect so good can triumph over evil and their mentor Merlin can be freed from the Wild Magic at long last.

Book of Magic Jewels

A book of magic jewels in "Morgana"

These powerful magic jewels once each belonged to an ancient wizard. Now that the wizards are gone, their jewels can usually be now found in their former lairs, protected by traps. The Wizard Jewels are also attracted to places of strong magic—not necessarily just in Avalon. This time, the Jewel Riders will need to compete not only with Lady Kale, but also with their new ultimate enemy, Morgana.

The new Jewel Quest Edit

Merlin's Jewel

Merlin's old jewel has been destroyed to defeat the witch Lady Kale, stranding Merlin inside the Wild Magic

Morgana 25

The evil sorceress Morgana holding the Time Stone in "The One Jewel"

When the good wizard Merlin threw the evil ancient wizards into the Wild Magic, their magic jewels flew everywhere. But then he also lost his jewel at the end of the original Jewel Quest. In order to save Merlin, his students, Princess Gwenevere and the Jewel Riders, must search for and secure enough of the Wizard Jewels and assemble them into the new Jewel Box, and then forge them together as a new jewel for him so he could finally be able to return to Avalon.

Ian Morgana

Morgana demanding Prince Ian give up his Jewel in "Prince of the Forest"

Final mission

Princess Gwenevere with the second Jewel Box in "Lady of the Lake"

Meanwhile, the dark alliance of the unexpectedly returning Avalon's renegade princess Lady Kale with newly resurrected ancient wizard Queen Morgana is also seeking the jewels for themselves, so they might use them destroy Merlin, and then rule both Avalon and all the worlds connected via the Wild Magic forevermore. The Jewel Riders and their friends can not allow for such power to fall into the hands of such an evil—and, once collected, the Jewels can be used by them to vanquish the forces of darkness and deliver Merlin from his Wild Magic prison.

The Wizard Jewels Edit

In order of appearance:

Unicorn Jewel Edit

Unicorn Jewel
Unicorn Wizard Jewel The Unicorn Jewel

The Unicorn Jewel is featured in the episode "Vale of the Unicorns". It is located in the titular Vale of the Unicorns, within the very dangerous Magic Path grotto of trials. The Unicorn Jewel also appears in Avalon: Web of Magic as Kara's magic stone.

Garden Stone Edit

Garden Stone
Garden Wizard Jewel The Garden Stone

The Garden Stone, the Wizard Jewel of Gardenia, long ago belonged to the wizard Mallory. It is featured in the episode "The Wizard of Gardenia", where it is found hidden in the center of the Wizard's Playground, a magical maze within the realm of Gardenia. The original script described it as a "diamond wizard jewel".<ref>The Wizard of Gardenia (script)</ref>

Jewel of Arden Edit

Jewel of Arden
Arden Wizard Jewel The Jewel of Arden

The Jewel of Arden is featured in the episode "Prince of the Forest" in possession of Ian in the Forests of Arden, allowing him to take a human form.

Jewel of the Sea Edit

Jewel of the Sea
Sea Wizard Jewel The Jewel of the Sea

The Jewel of the Sea is featured in the episode "The Jewel of the Sea". It fell into the Magic Lagoon in the sea outside Avalon.

Time Stone Edit

Time Stone
Time Wizard Jewel The Time Stone

The Time Stone is featured in the episode "Mystery Island". It used to belong to the wizard Ronan whose lair used to be in the Jungle.

Fortune Jewel Edit

Fortune Jewel
Fortune Wizard Jewel The Fortune Jewel

The Fortune Jewel previously belonged to the wizard Derek. It is featured in the episode "The Fortune Jewel" in possession of Madam Esmeralda, allowing her family to having worked as magical fortune tellers for a thousand years.

Other Edit

Dark Stone Edit

Main article: Dark Stone
Dark Stone fight

The Dark Stone was created and first owned by Morgana, who had originally named it the Dark Jewel and specifically tuned it to dispose of the lone good wizard Merlin. It is an extremely powerful wizard jewel but is unpredictable and erratic.

Dark Stone Gwen

Through most of the series, it is owned and wielded by new evil sorceress of Avalon, Lady Kale, after she finds and tunes it. At the beginning of the second season, Morgana reunites with her jewel, but discovers she can not use it to return to Avalon because it is now bonded to Kale. Eventually, after the latter is finally defeated by a spell of Gwenevere, using the other Wizard Jewels, the still dangerous Dark Stone is taken by Ian for safekeeping and later actually used by Gwen against Morgana.

One Jewel Edit

The One Jewel

The One Jewel is a magical item of superbly immense power, able to channel all of the Wizard Jewels' magic. It is featured in the show's last episode, "The One Jewel" (aka "The Last Dance"), when it is created by combining the Staff of Avalon and the Wizard Jewels during the showdown of Merlin and the Jewel Riders against Morgana and the returning evil wizards.

Merlin One Jewel

Using the Staff of Avalon, the Wizard Jewels can be fused in a special magic forge in the Center of the Wild Magic to create the ultimate Wizard Jewel to rule all the magic. To make it, Princess Gwenevere absorbs the magic of the Dark Stone to re-power her own Sun Stone. Upon the creation of the One Jewel, Morgana attempts to seize it but Gwen snatches it for Merlin, who uses it to eradicate his dark magic wizard rivals.

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